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Welcome to Tarbell, REALTORS, San Clemente

Welcome to Tarbell, REALTORS, San Clemente, and the rewarding field of real estate sales! Opened in the spring of 2001 with only a handful of pioneers, Tarbell, REALTORS San Clemente has grown to be a powerful force in South Orange County Real Estate with over 75 full-time, producing sales professionals and the fastest growing market share of any local agency. Tarbell, REALTORS IS southern California’s largest private family owned real estate company with over 3000 agents.

Brent Jorgensen, manager of Tarbell’s San Clemente Sales Center, brings a rich record of real estate sales success to his position. A member of Tarbell’s Platinum Elite Sales Achievement Circles, he has been resident of San Clemente for over 27 years. He and his wife Garnett are the parents of six children, who have all grown up in San Clemente.

“Our priorities are God, family, and career in that order. Sales people must have balance in their lives to be at their best”, he says. “They need other things as well. I see myself as a coach, not a manager. Agents need straightforward solutions and tools to help them be effective. They also need hands-on experience to use those tools effectively. We help them organize a plan and then set objectives for their business.From there it is consistent hard work and follow-up. We work very hard to maximize their time, talents, and effectiveness every step of the way."